Kid’s Dental Care

Between the ages of four and 17, it’s about establishing excellent brushing and flossing habits – only this time with the kids in charge. Encouraging a healthy diet also goes a long way toward lifelong strong, healthy teeth. And of course, professional teeth cleaning and regular checkups are key.


Be aware of “health” snacks that are sticky and high in simple carbohydrates. Also, “healthy” food such as yogurt drinks, gummy vitamins, granola bars, fruit pouches and dried fruits cause cavities.

Even if a drink is sugar-free, it often has other ingredients that make it acidic and cause erosion of enamel and caries. We recommend encouraging children to drink milk or water.

Dental Checkups

It’s important as kids get older to continue visits to the dentist every six months. Cavities in children develop quickly since teeth are smaller and weaker. At our dental clinic, children receive the best pediatric dental services. If your child is in active orthodontic treatment, we may see them more often for regular cleaning.

My son, who is now five, is not afraid of the dentist, largely because of the PPD team’s ability to put him at ease before and during his checkups. Highly recommend.