Toddler Dental Care

For kids between the ages of one and three, it’s all about brushing, flossing and developing good dental habits. They’re going to need your help.

The Toddler Diet

“Healthy” food such as yogurt drinks, gummy vitamins, granola bars, fruit pouches and dried fruits cause cavities. Be aware of simple carbohydrates in your child’s diet, especially if they are sticky.

We recommend your child only drink water and milk. Avoid juice, yogurt drinks, soda pop and energy drinks since they are high in acidity and sugar. Avoid food high in simple carbohydrates such as crackers, chips, cookies and fruit snacks. Of course, sweets and treats are acceptable in small amounts for special occasions such as birthday parties and Halloween.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and cheese for snacks are a healthy choice as they have fibre to cleanse the teeth and nutrients to make primary teeth stronger.

Very patient with our nervous 3-year-old. They take the time they need to work with her and on the last visit she came home proclaiming “I love the dentist” and that she wants to be a dentist when she grows up. We will keep coming back.