August 8, 2022

Can Cavities Be Caught Early?

Cavities can be caught early using regular checkups and cleanings as the best way to uncover dental issues. Since most dental problems don’t cause pain in the earliest stages, allowing your pediatric dentist to conduct yearly visual examinations is helpful. For example, one dental problem that does not cause pain is cavities and tooth decay. Dentists & dental hygienists know how to spot the earliest indications of tooth decay, usually in place the patient can’t quickly notice.

Can Cavities Be Caught Early With Dental X-Rays?

Dentists & dental hygienists use their eyes and specific tools to detect the presence of cavities along the tooth surface. One important tool is the dental x-ray, which can help spot cavities in the tight spaces between your teeth. Dental X-rays use low radiation levels to capture images of the interior of your teeth and gums.

What are the symptoms of cavities?

Parents must know the signs of tooth decay to keep a watchful eye. For example, how a child behaves and visual cues on the teeth can signal when it’s time to schedule an oral examination. Here are what to look for: First, look for dark spots on the surface of your teeth. If there is a pain when biting down or chewing food. Also, your child might have increased tooth sensitivity, particularly to hot and cold temperatures. The final two signs are vital to spot, swelling in the gums and darkening or discolouring of an entire tooth.

Can cavities disappear?

When the mineral content of your teeth’s enamel begins to wear away, your child’s teeth are susceptible to cavity development. In this early stage of tooth decay, remineralization can reverse a cavity. Unfortunately, many do not catch cavities at this stage and pass the point of no return.

Can Cavities Be Caught Early with Regular Checkups?

Having your child on a regular schedule of routine dental visits is essential. For example, regular checkups help detect cavities and allow your child to receive regular professional cleanings and fluoride treatments. Schedule your next dental appointment today!

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