Dental Sedation for kids

Sleeping Through Treatments

Children with anxiety, many cavities or who are very young benefit from sedation. Providing a safe and positive experience for your child is our priority. All of our pediatric dental specialists are certified to provide in-office sedation for children.

  • Is dental sedation safe for children?

    Yes, dental sedation is safe for healthy children. We check the medical history, airway and BMI to see if your child is the right candidate for sedation. We always take the utmost care to ensure your child is safe and comfortable. All of our pediatric dentists are certified to provide in-office sedation for children.

  • What will dental sedation feel like for my child?

    Most children feel lightheaded and drowsy. At the same time they feel relaxed and calm with reduced anxiety.

  • Will dental sedation be painful for my child?

    Dental sedation involves either gently placing a silicon mask over the face and/or drinking oral liquid medication. 

  • How long does dental sedation last?

    Depending on the type of sedation, it will take your child from two to eight hours to fully recover from drowsiness. We recommend that your child waits 24 hours before returning to normal activities.

Thank you so much to the Playtime Pediatric Dentistry team for caring for our son. The team was incredibly kind, supportive, and efficient through a rather stressful time for us. The patient and family experience was great and I would highly recommend this clinic to all of our friends with children!