Playtime Pediatric Dentistry welcomes all types of children to our clinics.

Does your child have a medical condition or special need? The Playtime pediatric dentists and support team have the skills and experience to help make a visit to the dentist as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Special Needs

Whether your child is on ASD spectrum or ADHD, rest assured that Playtime sees a wide range of children who are neurodivergent. Once we get to know your child, we can come up with a plan to help set them up for a lifetime of dental care.

Desensitization Appointments

We offer desensitization appointments to increase your child’s comfort level at the dentist. We use pictograms and a gentle approach to help your child stay as calm and relaxed as possible. This is especially beneficial for kids with dental anxiety or with special needs.

Medical Conditions

Many medical conditions such as asthma, celiac disease, IBS and Down’s syndrome have dental implications. They can interfere with the formation of teeth, resulting in weak enamel prone to decay. We do a thorough exam and discuss how to prevent dental disease. If your child needs treatment, we can discuss the variety of options to find the best care for your child while prioritizing your child’s safety.

First dentist appointment for my daughter with ASD. And words can’t explain how happy I was with how patient and extremely caring the entire staff was. I would 110% recommend this place for anyone with a child with autism/special needs.