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7 Reasons Why Your Child Should See a Pediatric Dentist

1. Most Up-to Date:

Pediatric dentists are very knowledgeable about the latest technology in dentistry for children. Dentistry is a fast changing field, and there are always new technology and research. If your child does not see a pediatric dentist every 6 months, she or he may miss out on the latest information on taking care of little teeth.

2. Small Teeth Specialist:

Pediatric dentists are required to take an additional two or three years of pediatric training after dental school. We are the best at diagnosing the problem and providing the best treatment for your child. After all, that is all we do – taking care of little smiles.

3. Medical Condition or Special Needs:

Pediatric dentists have extensive training working at a Children’s Hospital and have in-depth knowledge in working with children with medical condition or special needs.

4. Dental Education:

If there are any abnormalities in growth and development, pediatric dentists are the ones with answers. We educate parents and patients about nutrition, oral hygiene, cavities and oral habits.

5. Behaviour Specialist:

We have intensive training in behaviour guidance and use many different techniques tailored to your child. Part of our pediatric training is child psychology, which allows us to read the child’s temperament, anticipate the child’s behaviour and help them build coping mechanisms.

6. Child-Friendly Space:

Pediatric dental offices are filled with games, toys and fun corners designed just for children. Starting from play areas, fun toys to child-loving staff, a pediatric dental office is a fun place for children.

7. Child-Friendly Language:

We always explain every step and show what to expect in child friendly terms. We call suction “Mr. Thirsty” and a drill is called “Mr. Whistle”. Communicating in a gentle and effective way is our specialty. When your child understands what to expect, they tend to be very good at the dentist.