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We look forward to hearing from you. Here are the answers to some common questions about your child’s first visit.

When should my child see a dentist for the first time?
Your child should see a dentist before the age of one. Cavities are the most common infectious disease in Canadian children.

Why should I go see a pediatric dentist?
We offer a fun and friendly environment for your child to make sure they get a lifetime of positive experience at the dentist. We use child-friendly language and use behaviour management skills so that your child will have a pleasant visit.

Do I need a referral?
No, you do not need a referral from your family dentist to come see Dr. Ella Choi.

What do you do during the first visit?
Cavities progress very fast in baby teeth. We do a dental exam to see if there are any signs of weak enamel. We will go over diet and oral hygiene in depth to make sure your child is getting the optimal care for teeth.

My child had special needs or medical condition. Can we come see you?
We have lots of helpful tips and extensive experience in dealing with many different age groups with special needs and medical backgrounds. Having undergone extensive training at BC Children’s Hospital, Dr. Ella is very familiar with different medical conditions and dental precautions.

Playtime Pediatric Dentistry | Check-Up & Cleaning | Vancouver + South Surrey Pediatric Dentist

The most important part of your child’s preventative dental plan.

Did you know that cavities are the most common chronic disease in children? So much so that the most common surgery at BC Children’s Hospital involves putting kids under general anesthesia to fix cavities. Baby teeth are weaker than adult teeth and cavities grow quickly in children. Avoiding the trauma of surgery is easy with a pediatric dentist appointment for a check-up and cleaning every six months. We make the experience fun and interactive, with games and songs.

Playtime Pediatric Dentistry | Consultation | Vancouver + South Surrey Pediatric Dentist

Have you been referred to us? Getting to know our team, determining your child’s needs and coming up with a treatment plan are all part of our consultation.

When your family dentist refers you to our clinic, we will contact you to make an appointment. It is important to have a consultation appointment before treatment.

This is a great chance for your child to check out our clinic, meet our fantastic team and get comfortable. A child who has a positive initial visit usually continues to have a positive experience in following visits. It is also a great chance for us to determine what dental treatment your child needs. We diagnose the problem, assess the child’s behaviour and come up with a comprehensive dental treatment plan.

A consult is necessary for the receptionist to prepare an estimate, submit for insurance coverage and arrange for the most convenient payment option for you.

Playtime Pediatric Dentistry | Dental Treatment | Vancouver + South Surrey Pediatric Dentist

Fillings and Crowns for Children

For Small Cavities

If it is a small cavity, we can do a white or silver filling. These small cavities are usually between teeth and are hard to see with the naked eye. With very small x-rays, we can detect small cavities. We want to fix these so that they do not get bigger.

For Large Cavities

A cavity is considered to be large if you can see a hole in the tooth with the naked eye. If the large cavity is on the front tooth, we can put white crowns on them. If the large cavity is on the back tooth, we highly recommend that we put a medical grade stainless steel crown on it. It is the most durable material for baby teeth and protects it the best until the baby tooth falls out. If the cavity extends into the pulp, we need to do a baby nerve treatment to get all the infected pulp out.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Children

Having cavities in the front teeth can affect a child’s ability to eat and really hurt self-confidence. We can place white crowns on front teeth so your child can have a bright smile again.

Tongue and Lip Tie Revision

For Breastfeeding Difficulties

If you are having difficulty bresfeeding your infant child, it might be due to a tongue and/or lip tie. We use laser to perform tongue and lip tie revisions.

Playtime Pediatric Dentistry | Sedation | Vancouver + South Surrey Pediatric Dentist

Sedation Options

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Commonly called “laughing gas”, this is great for older children and those who only have very few cavities. It helps with mild anxiety and is very safe.

Conscious Oral Sedation

When a child is young and has many cavities, it is very difficult for your child to stay still during the dental treatment. To make sure the procedure is done in a safe manner, we offer oral sedation to make the appointment easier for your child. It is a liquid medication that is safe for children. Your child stays awake during the appointment and is very relaxed and drowsy.

General Anesthesia

This is what most people call “being put to sleep”. We offer general anesthesia for those who are very young, very fearful and unable to cope with multiple dental appointments. General anesthesia is provided by an anesthesiologist who specializes in treating children.

“What a fantastic place to bring your child!!! Dr. Ella is the best. I don't think any other dentist would have been able to cope with my son but she has the patience of a saint and the most calming manner. I can't recommend higher. Also, I got a checkup phone call that night just to make sure everything was good, which it was, and could hear the concern in her voice. So special! We'll be back in 6 months time for regular check ups. - Lindsay F.”