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Does My Child Need a Dental Crown for a Primary Tooth?

When a baby tooth is lost too early from tooth decay or lack of care or trauma, the permanent tooth may erupt misaligned. Consequently, misaligned teeth make it hard for the rest of the teeth in that area to line up correctly. If you are asking, does my child need a dental crown for a primary tooth? Hopefully, the following article will answer some of your questions.

Potential Problems Of Losing Primary Teeth Early

When a baby tooth is lost too early, you could expect bite problems and crooked or crowded teeth. Over the long term, your child may need braces to correct issues from a missing baby tooth. Since baby teeth will eventually fall out, what should you do if our dentist says your child needs a dental crown? 

Why Does My Child Need a Dental Crown? 

It is necessary to repair and restore a primary (baby) tooth found to have a large cavity or cavities, a broken tooth, or a primary tooth that has not developed correctly.

Does My 5-year-old Need a Dental Crown? 

A dental crown may be the best option if your child is experiencing dentin decay or pulp damage. In general, tooth decay is the number one reason a crown is needed. Unlike permanent adult teeth, a child’s baby teeth have thinner enamel and are more susceptible to tooth decay. 

Why Do Dentists Put Crowns On Baby Teeth? 

Crowns are used on baby teeth to support and protect a severely decayed tooth. Additionally, severely decayed teeth are too weak for a filling or to cover and protect a tooth that is badly damaged.

Preparing for a Crown

When repairing a decayed tooth with a crown, we must prepare the tooth to hold a crown. First, our dentist shapes the affected tooth to support the thickness of the crown. Then the pediatric dentist selects the appropriate prefabricated crown and tries it on. Once the fit is confirmed, the dentist cements the crown on the tooth.

Does My Child Need a Dental Crown for a Primary Tooth?

The best first step is booking an appointment and letting our dentist perform an oral exam. You can also follow this link to learn more about cavity prevention.