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The Adult Tooth is Growing in Behind the Baby Tooth, What Should I Do?

Sometimes you see a permanent front tooth coming in and the baby tooth has not fallen out yet. I get a lot of parents worried about the new adult front teeth that are coming in behind the baby tooth. In most cases, it is perfectly fine for the adult tooth to come in behind the baby tooth.

Loose Baby Tooth

Baby Tooth is Loose

The adult one will eventually push the baby one out and move forward. Encourage child to gently wiggle the baby tooth out.

Baby Tooth is Firm

However, in rare cases, the baby tooth refuses to get loose and may need help from your pediatric dentist. We will take an xray to see why the baby tooth is not getting loose. In this situation, the dentist will likely pull the baby tooth to allow the adult tooth to come in the right position.

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Dr. Ella Choi is a certified specialist in pediatric dentistry serving Surrey, White Rock, Delta and Langley in Beautiful British Columbia.