Pull Out a Loose Baby Tooth or Let it Fall Out?

Best Approach for Loose Baby Tooth

The best approach is to let the baby tooth fall out naturally. It is a good idea for your child to gently wiggle the tooth with their clean finger or tongue.

Should The Baby Tooth be Pulled Out?

Forcing the tooth to fall out too early can cause unnecessary physical and emotional damage. It may cause bleeding and pain. In rare cases, the tooth fragment can remain in the gum. This experience may upset your child and cause tooth related anxiety. On the other hand, if the baby tooth is left too long, it can cause gum inflammation and impede the eruption of the adult tooth. Call your pediatric dentist to see if the baby tooth needs to be removed.

If Your Child is Anxious

Do not tell your child that you will pull the tooth out or a dentist will pull it out. Your child will get more nervous and may not let anyone touch the tooth. It is best to let the baby tooth fall out naturally.

Will There Be Bleeding?

Reassure your child that a little bit of blood is normal. Pressure is the best way to stop bleeding. Get your child to bite down on gauze until bleeding stops.

Once the tooth falls out, be sure to celebrate this big milestone!

A visit from a tooth fairy is a classic, but you can also make your own tradition.



Dr. Ella Choi is a certified specialist in pediatric dentistry serving Surrey, White Rock, Delta and Langley in Beautiful British Columbia.