Morning Brushing: Before or After Breakfast?

Brushing Before Breakfast

The idea of brushing before eating is that you reduce the number of bacteria before you feed them. After eating, you can use a mouth rinse or chew sugar-free gum to get food debris out.


It is better to brush after you eat if you have time. If you eat after brushing, the food debris will be stuck in your teeth and cause weakening of teeth. But sometimes, brushing after eating can damage your teeth (as explained below).


Brushing After Breakfast

It is important to brush after you eat to get food debris off your teeth. If you have something sugary or acidic (such as yogurt or juice), wait at least 30 minutes before you brush. Sweet and acidic food weakens teeth for about 30 minutes before pH goes back to normal. If you brush while the teeth are weak, the enamel (the outer layer of teeth) can wear down. You can chew xylitol gum to restore the mouth pH quickly.



Ideally, have breakfast, wait 30 minutes and then brush your teeth.


If you don’t have time to wait 30 minutes in the morning, brush your teeth, eat breakfast and then use a mouth rinse or chew sugar-free gum.


Dr. Ella Choi is a certified specialist in pediatric dentistry serving South Surrey, White Rock and Langley in Beautiful British Columbia.