Does Your Child Grind Teeth?

It Is Part of Normal Growth

Grinding teeth is completely normal and many children do it. As the child’s jaw grows, the top teeth and bottom teeth don’t fit well together. Children grind their teeth in an attempt to fit top and bottom teeth together. It happens quite often in young children who are teething. Baby teeth are weaker than adult teeth and tend to wear down faster.


See a Dentist

If the teeth are worn down and there are pot holes in teeth, fillings may be needed to strengthen teeth. If the grinding is so severe that the teeth are worn down to nerve, then dental intervention . We need to protect teeth that are sensitive and painful from grinding. Most often, this is done by placing crowns on the back molars. A nightguard is unnecessary for children. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ella just to make sure.


Special Needs

Children with special needs sometimes grind their teeth well into teenage years. We can fabricate a mouthguard or place crowns to protect their teeth.


Dr. Ella Choi is a certified specialist in pediatric dentistry serving South Surrey, White Rock, Langley and Aldergrove in Beautiful British Columbia.