playtime pediatric dentistry

When a dentist appointment is the best play date of the week.

Playtime is the home of compassionate and experienced pediatric dentists. Indeed, in the world of dental services, we set the child-focused standard – which means that going to the dentist has never been as easy, fun and thorough for your kid.

Playtime pediatric dentists understand that childhood experiences carry through to adulthood and going to the dentist is no exception.


Playtime exclusively practices pediatric dentistry. Using child-friendly language in a comfortable and fun environment, we help kids feel right at home.


We tailor each treatment plan to your child’s needs. Sedation options include laughing gas, conscious sedation and general anesthesia. We also offer white fillings and white crowns.


At Playtime, we offer our services for children at the fixed rates of the BC Pediatric Dentistry Fee Guide. We work with your insurance so you can just pay your portion.

We Are Different

Playtime is dedicated to creating positive experiences for families by providing a playful environment, using child-friendly language and applying thoughtful behaviour management techniques. Kids feel comfortable and safe here, and learn that a trip to the dentist is not only a good thing for their teeth, but fun, too!

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The perfect level of efficiency, professionalism and niceness. The staff, the dental assistants and dentists all display a warm and courteous attitude for the patients and parents. They seem to truly care about your kid, which as a parent is vital. They communicate the issues at hand in such a way as to make it clear. Their work is detailed and definitive. I would highly recommend Playtime Pediatric Dentistry to any parent whose child needs expert dental work.