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Losing Baby Teeth Prematurely

Many parents are curious about whether their child’s baby teeth are erupting on time. Losing baby teeth prematurely is also a common concern. Is your child’s loss of teeth is…

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December 11, 2019

Healthy Children’s Teeth

Developing healthy children’s teeth is not only crucial for oral health, but your child’s’ health in general. As you teach your child the importance of brushing teeth twice a day…

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November 9, 2019

Why Do Dentists Fix The Cavities Of Children?

Yes, the first set of teeth are temporary teeth and will be lost eventually, yet, it’s essential to understand why it’s vital for dentists to fix cavities of children. The…

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October 10, 2019

About Dental Fillings

As you know, the second set of molars erupt sometime between 23 and 33 months. This is the perfect time to begin learning how to floss between your toddler’s teeth…

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September 9, 2019

Early Teething and Tooth Care

Following the eruption of the first set of primary teeth, your child will begin to experience gum soreness. Therefore it’s essential to understand the causes of gum soreness and how…

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