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Early Teething and Tooth Care

Following the eruption of the first set of primary teeth, your child will begin to experience gum soreness. Therefore it’s essential to understand the causes of gum soreness and how…

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August 9, 2019

About Primary Teeth and Dental Anatomy

What are dentists talking about when they speak about canines, incisors, and teeth eruptions? This guide is for parents eager to learn about dental anatomy to make sure their child…

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July 13, 2019

About Baby Teeth

Believe it or not, baby teeth begin to develop in the fetus. Eating a well-balanced diet is fundamental. Everything you eat during pregnancy affects the development of your baby and…

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June 22, 2019

About Children’s Dental Care

Baby teeth are as important as adult teeth. Baby teeth help children chew and speak and hold space for the permanent teeth.

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December 8, 2018

Staining or Cavities on the Front Teeth?

My job is to create healthy smiles for children. In young children, cavities on front teeth are common. Weak spots on baby teeth turn chalky white, then brown. Eventually these…

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