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Playtime Pediatric Dentistry is available for a dental emergency.

If our pediatric dentists are out of town, we will direct you to another dentist on-call or to BC Children’s Hospital.


Step 1 : Have your child rinse with warm salt water and dislodge trapped food
Step 2 : Give Advil (ibuprofen) or Tylenol (acetaminophen) for pain. Do not give Aspirin or use Orajel.

See Dr. Ella Choi as soon as possible


Mild swelling : Apply a cold compression 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off. This will help reduce the swelling. See Dr. Ella Choi as soon as possible.

Serious Swelling : If there is facial swelling involving eye and neck, or your child has a difficulty breathing, take your child to a local hospital emergency immediately for IV antibiotics.


Firm pressure is the best way to stop bleeding. Bleeding after tooth extraction is normal. A little bit of oozing is expected for the first two days. Bite on clean gauze or moist tea bag to apply firm pressure for 30 minutes. If the bleeding does not slow down after 30 minutes, call Dr. Ella Choi or take your child to a local hospital emergency.

Broken Tooth

Find all the tooth fragments and bring them to Dr. Ella. It’s important to see Dr. Ella Choi as soon as possible to fix the broken tooth and rule out other injuries.

Knocked Out Tooth

If it is a baby tooth, do not put it back in the socket. See Dr. Ella Choi as soon as possible to rule out any other injuries.

If it is an adult tooth, the best result can be obtained by placing the tooth into the socket right away. Hold the tooth by the crown only. If it is dirty, gently rinse with running water without touching the root. If you are not sure, go see Dr. Ella Choi immediately. Store the tooth in the mouth between the cheek and teeth and gums or cold milk on the way to see us.

Broken Jaw

Make sure the jaw is stabilized with a scarf or towel. Take your child to a local hospital emergency immediately.

Playtime Pediatric Dentistry
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